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Self-managing A rental Property

Maintenance Services Only

Many homeowners decide to save the monthly rental management commission fees and manage the property on their own.

We are here for you.

A New Generation OF Home Services

When you don't need all the benefits of a traditional property management company but you still need help with maintenance and repairs choose us.


Annual Maintenance Package

**Per Unit

Annual 40 Point inspection Checkup

Includes detailed onsite inspection annually or a virtual inspection twice per year. Repair recommendations, videos and/or photos provided.

Annual fan coil maintenance checkup


  • 8 point operation inspection

  • Filter replacement

  • Drip pan cleaning

  • Preventative recommendations 

Tenant Maintenance support

Enjoy free phone troubleshooting for tenant for possible no cost resolution whenever available. No obligation to landlord to choose our services for repairs

Technicians when you need them

Includes access to our licensed, insured and experienced technicians at hourly rates when repairs are needed. Before and after photos of jobs provided.

**Repair costs not included in annual fee.

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