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5 Reasons Why Home Sellers Should Try Cosmetic Renovations

Quick, labour intensive, cheap, or whichever route you decide to take, just about any home improvement project is an excellent way to increase the overall value of your home. Installing new decks and floors, replacing windows, or upgrading bathrooms and kitchens can breathe new life into old bones, while also seeing very high return on the investment. For a homeowner looking to sell at a significantly higher price, or increase the monthly rental income, these expenses are a small price to pay.

ZipRepairman offers affordable cosmetic renovation options while you still see a high return on the investment when compared to traditional sledge and hammer projects. Here’s five simple ways that easy cosmetic renovations increase home value.


Unlike any other room, a gorgeous kitchen brings a certain allure to a home that sways over potential homebuyers and leasers. Small investments of a few thousand dollars to upgrade to stainless-steel appliances is always worth it. At the very least all appliances should be the same colour but stainless is definitely the trend and is one of the easiest upgrades to accomplish. Appliances can be bought online and installed without the homeowner actually lifting a finger. Stainless brings that fresh modern look and a great place to start upgrades.


Although high-tech appliances are sometimes seen as low value investments because of the constant evolution of better technology, taking it one step further to install smart appliances and incorporate technology into fundamental aspects of a home is appealing to the tech savvy homeowner. With the younger generation of homeowners focused on sleek designs and app controlling gadgets, small details like modern motion sensor faucets and sinks, voice activated lights, door handles, locks and smartphone-controlled thermostats should be up for serious consideration. On average, these upgrades can bring a three to ten percent increase in the sale or rental asking price.


Freshening up with a new paint job in your home will bring the best out in any space. For a new look try an accent wall or go from dark to a lighter colour. Thinking about selling? Neutral colours like white appeals to most younger potential homebuyers and opens up a room to appear more spacious. At the same time it gives potential buyer the impression that no extra elbow grease is required and costs are reduced to get the home move in ready. From painting a room to the entire home, a new coat of paint can increase your home’s overall value simply because of its appeal.


Clearing out clutter and repurposing new living spaces available will most certainly increase the value in any home. Renovating a basement used for storage or transforming a small nook of a living space to create an office or playroom are attention grabbers for younger home buyers and not to mention this one uniqueness that other homes might not capitalize on. Repurposing the floor plans in a home so that the living experience is more well-rounded will ensure the home stands out.


The focus of renovation is usually on indoors spaces, but the outdoors of a property can also be a source of enjoyment and living experiences to the right person. Repainting that old deck or a patio, installing outdoor appliances are fantastic opportunities to grab the attention of potential homebuyers. It’s a little tough in the city with small balcony spaces but installing patio tiles, a few hanging baskets, potted plants and patio furniture is a no hassle upgrade anyone can appreciate.

Independent of each other these tips may not seem like giant steps in updating your space but when combined are an almost effortless and smart way to get ready for a sale or bring enjoyment to your living space.


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