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Tips for kid-friendly flooring and walls


When babies are just about ready to start crawling is a great time to start thinking about baby-proofing your home. Here are a few quick tips.

Consider kids when deciding on the type of floor that is best for your home. If you have young children, mess and spills and how easy they are to clean up should be a factor in your decision making.

Hard surfaces like hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors are easy to clean. These are better options when compared to tile and carpet. Hardwood is durable in that they can withstand tough love of young children. It can be refinished to sand away marks or scratches. The added bonus is that it does not collect pollen or dust like most carpets.

A more affordable option is laminate floors. A vacuum cleaner, broom and damp mop are all that’s needed to keep laminate floors clean.

Luxury vinyl is your third option and the most popular flooring for homes with kids. Water resistant, easy to clean and durable. Children are big fans of ripping, tearing, and colouring. Nothing is off limits especially your floor. You can bet vinyl is up to the challenge.


As we mentioned, kids love to discover everything and explore their talents on flooring. Walls are no exception.

While you may not have control over walls being used as a sketchpad, you can make sure the sketches are not permeant decorations. Washable and stain resistant paint are recommended for high traffic kid friendly areas or rooms. You can find paints with these features in a variety of brands. Drying time and the finish are also important considerations.

Whichever brand you choose be sure the paint does not take longer than 24 hours to dry. Any longer than that and you may have trouble keeping the walls handprint free. We recommend low-VOC paint in a semi-gloss finish for kid-friendly spaces.

Here are a few brands we recommend:

Regal Select Interior by Benjamin Moore

Ben by Benjamin Moore

SuperPaint by Sherwin-Williams


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