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Why you should consider renting your rental furnished

A certain segment of rental market is interested in fully furnished units. Fully furnished apartments are highly sought-after type of rental. These rental properties can attract a premium not only because you offer furnished spaces but also because the stays are usually short.

But tourists aren't always the only demographic searching for furnished spaces. Some professions such as auditors and travel nurses have to relocate every few weeks depending on where their work takes them. These "corporate apartment" are a great option to increase rental income as you can work with one company to host all the professionals. This is because they tend to be more organized than vacationers, and so are easier to clean up the apartment.

Toronto, for instance, is experiencing a large number of people moving to the city who were previously delayed due to COVID restrictions. Renters are now looking for "crashpads" to stay for a while before they start looking for a permanent place to call home. Instead of making two moves, it is easier to store possessions, move to a furnished apartment, then unload them from storage until they are ready for their longer-term home.


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